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Recommended CD HispaOpera
"...Ángel Cabrera, excellent pianist, offers also a precious interpretation of the delicious accompaniments of these songs..."

Sipuo - HispaOpera 28/01/2015

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The healthy and natural singing
"...Cabrera the best companion you could choose. He plays really close to the voice, with which he communicates smoothly, supports, follows in the rubato, in light ritardandi and leaves free field at the fermatas. An agile and flexible touch,he is a rigorous servant of the diverse accents and of the most varied rhythms..."

Arturo Reverter - El arte de la fuga 25/01/2015

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Polish Autumn
"...Sobotka was wonderful as well as Angel Cabrera at the piano, He is a fine, accurate and very musical performer, who we wish to hear again live. Accompany a voice is not easy and Cabrera knows. Therefore he strives to form an indivisible whole with the singer ..."

Pere Estelrich i Massutí - Diario de Mallorca 24/10/2014

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Exquisite lyric
"At the piano we must empfasize the good work of Ángel Cabrera, versatile performer, always sensitive to voices, to offer subtle finishing work""

Diana Diaz - La Nueva España 08/10/2014

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Voice and Verse
"The outstanding is for Angel, who is not always valued as most (wrong attributed) accompanist. None of the works we heard would have the same emotional charge without the careful interpretation of the pianist, making each poem become?music."

Pablo Siana - pablosiana.wordpress.com 07/10/2014

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Those little (big) things
"...Ángel Cabrera know how to accompany with delicacy and precision, but also as fundamental to addressing the Latin American-repertoire, that this intimate approach requires , always at the service of the singer and in perfect harmony with him. His work at the piano was definitely the icing on the cake..."

Hugo Alvarez Domínguez - Mundoclásico.com 02/10/2014

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Two artists
"When two true artists-a singer and a pianist, in this case meet and decide to play music together, the results can be extraordinary..."

Julio Andrade Malde - La opinión A Coruña 20/09/2014

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Songs of Paolo Tosti. Pancho Corujo and Ángel Cabrera
"...The work of Angel Cabrera, who always plays with taste and judgment and contributes to the stylistic homogeneity of the concert, without being carried away by the affectation or the histrionismo, should be noted. "

Carlos J. López - Operaworld.es 02/09/2014

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Recommended CD: Songs of Paolo Tosti
"...Crisp, clear and with good sound the pianist Ángel Cabrera holds a great complicity with the tenor..."

José Antonio Domené - Melómano 01/03/2014

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Presentation CD, Lanzarote
"...The first part of the concert was led by the music of Tosti, which Pancho Corujo and Angel Cabrera sublimely interpreted..."

Isabel Imaz - Operaworld.es 13/12/2013

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A great comeback
"...an exceptional afternoon in every way , as Angel Cabrera piano collaboration..."

Ricardo Hontañón - Diario Montañes 30/11/2013

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Manuel Lanza is back
"...The atmosphere created by singer and pianist in all the pieces was accurate, achieving convey the feeling that composers put in the service of music..."

Fernando Segura Morillas - Codalario.com 30/11/2013

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Cultural International festival of Symphonic Music of Algiers
"...His slender hands move with sweetness. His touch is undeniably marked by delicacy. The spectator admires his strong presence on the scene and his artist's high talent in continuous evolution. Ángel Cabrera, better than anybody, can communicate this powerful and creative spirit, with an artistic vision wrapped in candour and hope..."

Horizons 15/09/2013

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5e Festival international de musique symphonique d’Alger
Senteurs nordiques et chaleur espagnole
"...the Spanish interpreters, received a standing ovation and caused a huge sensation..."

El Watan 16/09/2013

XXIX Festival Iberoamericano de Música Manuel de Falla
"...Ángel Cabrera, with his experience and expertise as accompanist, contributed significantly to beautify this lyrical duet ......"

Diario Bahía de Cádiz 24/05/2013

La Cenerentola de G. Rossini. Director de Escena Giancarlo del Monaco
"...The Pianist Ángel Cabrera broke into the scene giving it an air of modernity, research and renewal of operatic art..."


"...Ángel Cabrera took us to the imaginary world of childhood with some "Deux Arabesques" by Debussy, reciting repertoire with absolute perfection, He breathes and make us breathe the air of music..."
La Nueva España 2/09/2012

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"...the pianist Ángel Cabrera showed exquisite taste and an outstanding technique in both individual pieces and in its companion work, contributing greatly to the success achieved in the recital by both artists... "
Ine.es 13/08/2012

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" RNE Radio Clasica celebrates Music Day with five hours of live performances "
RTVE 20/06/2012

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"Ángel Cabrera opens Eutherpe weekend with a tribute to Claude Debussy's 150th anniversary"
La Crónica 9/06/2012

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"On June 23, the renowned soprano Ana Hásler, also accompanied the famous pianist Ángel Cabrera, will perform Schubert`s Winterreise "
Diario de Mallorca 13/05/2012

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" When Laia Falcón sings and Angel Cabrera plays the piano, we are moved..." Clara Sanchis
TVE La 2 Programa de mano 8/05/2012
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" Interview for the Tv Show "Programa de mano"
Laia Falcón and Ángel Cabrera play the beautiful song Youkali by Kurt Weill "

TVE La 2 Programa de mano 8/11/2011
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"...he has participated in the prestigious Tanglewood Festival in Boston, being one of the first Spaniards to attend, and was a guest at the festival Landsberger... "
Nuevaalcarria.com 16/09/2011

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" Ángel Cabrera proved to be a great artist, a great connoisseur of the lyric repertoire, as a virtuoso soloist, performed with great sensitivity and mastery use of pedal technique."
La Nueva España - J. Carlos González Abeledo 28/08/2011

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"... Grand Septet in D minor op.74 Hummel. An intelligent composition of chamber music, which highlights on the pianistic skills, excellent Ángel Cabrera at the piano..."
Augsburger Allgemeine - Alois Kramer 13/07/2011

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"...Cabrera showed us that not only he is able to accompany skillfully as he shone in his solo performance of "Les jeux d'eau à la Villa d'Este" by Franz Liszt.."
Augsburger Allgemeine - Alexandra Lutzenberger 9/07/2011

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"From Chopin to Albéniz by Ángel Cabrera"
Casino de Madrid 26/06/2009
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"A greatrecital - León"
El Mundo clásico - Roberto San Juan 28/03/2009

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"Things that happen" - Armonía"
Pep Bruno - pepbruno.com 30/07/2008
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"A alcarreño pianist wins an international competition. Angel Cabrera gets a prize in the Piano Competition in Los Angeles"
Nueva Alcarria - Cultura 2007
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"Chopin sounds like Chopin"
El Confidencial.com 2004
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"The last celebidachean"
El País 2004
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"Brilliant opening of the academic year 2004-2005 at the Reina Sofía School"
Mundo clásico 2004
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"…pianist of rigorous training, high security mechanical and taste…"
C.G. Amat - El Mundo 2004

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"The great art of masters and disciples""
Enrique Franco - El País 2003
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"Magistral Recital by Ángel Cabrera""
Museo de El Greco 2002
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“…Lo que más le caracteriza es su estilo poético. Realmente puede persuadir a sus oyentes con la poesía más hermosa con la que su música está impregnada y acoplada con la caballerosidad atractiva española y el sentido de ritmo. Sus interpretaciones nunca suenan superficiales o aburridas…”
Boris Bloch

“…músico de extraordinaria sensibilidad, un sonido bello e intimista y una convicción musical fuera de lo común…”
Eldar Nebolsin
“…de una profunda musicalidad, calidad en el sonido, refinamiento y sensibilidad…”
Manuel Cid
“…he is highly musical, sensitive and expressive, an artist of a very high level…”
Tom Krause

“ … The young pianist played with delightful delicacy of tone. He succeeded with virtuosity in weaving the pearls of the runs transparently into the beautiful Romantic melody lines...” 
Von Sonja Müller-Eisold, Dortmund
“…A technically perfect pianist and one with an intense feeling for tone and timbre, qualities which could also be heard in the Debussy encore…”
JG, Konzerthaus Dortmund

“…joven realidad en el ámbito pianístico, sensible y profundo; musical y técnicamente…”
Josep María Civit